Sandalwood; A time-honored elixir scientifically proven to nourish your skin and soothe your soul


A time-honored elixir scientifically proven to nourish your skin and soothe your soul.

sandalwood plant, About time we met's hero ingredient

here's the lowdown

What is sandalwood?

Sandalwood is a fragrant wood that comes from the sandalwood tree. There are 15+ types of sandalwood species around the globe, but Indian sandalwood (species name Santalum album) is the real VIP. Its history is nothing short of regal - back in 1798, the Sultan of Mysore declared it a "royal tree" to be grown exclusively for the elite.

Today, sandalwood is like the holy grail of luxury. It's super trendy and in crazy high demand. You can find it in all kinds of cool stuff like skincare, aromatherapy, and fancy fragrances.

Liquid gold

Indian sandalwood oil is nothing short of a treasure. Often hailed as "liquid gold", this remarkable essential oil is the go-to for those seeking luxury and exclusivity. Through the meticulous process of steam distillation, the sweet-scented elixir is extracted from the core of the sandalwood tree, known as the heartwood.  It is bursting with alpha- and beta-santalols (or sesquiterpenes), which are compounds that grant Indian sandalwood its enchanting woody fragrance and remarkable therapeutic benefits.

sandalwood oil, also known as liquid gold

Sandalwood has been proven to:

young female using About time we met's products with sandalwood oil to calm the mind
About time we met's naturally brilliant oil with sandalwood oil and hibiscus seed oil
man with smooth skin using About time we met's sandalwood product due to its benefits
man who plants sandalwood, the conscious way

Plantation-grown, the conscious choice

Plantation-grown sandalwood means that the trees are intentionally planted and grown on a farm or designated area, instead of being harvested from the wild. It's more traceable and can have higher quality due to the controlled growing conditions. It is also a responsible alternative to wild-harvested sandalwood, reducing pressure on natural reserves and preserving the species for future generations.

Our Proof

Sandalwood isn't just your average natural ingredient – it's a powerhouse active with some serious research behind it.

sandalwood in its different forms because its not an average ingredient