Green is the new black

Turn Black Friday green and join our mission with i=Change

While the weight of the world can sometimes feel overwhelming, one thing remains constant: friendship. It is the secret to helping those in need and the wellbeing of our planet. As friends, we support each other, can be agents of change, and have the ability to support sustainability and take care of others.

Meet your newest friend

Our friends are your friends, and we are thrilled to introduce you to i=Change, a visionary company taking care of the planet. Collaborating with like-minded brands, i=Change makes it simple to give back by donating $1 to charity every time you buy, and to date, has raised an incredible $8,956,670.

Friends in Deed

About Time We Met and i=change share a special friendship. We both understand that self-care and wellness are integral to the happiness of others and the health of our planet.

When we are good to ourselves, it brings wellbeing to all around us, which is why our climate-conscious range of sandalwood-based skincare products works for your skin's health and a more sustainable future. Driven by the centuries-old benefits of sandalwood, each About Time We Met product is clean, natural, ethical, and as sustainable as possible, contributing to our mission.

Here's how you can make a change

Making a difference in the lives of others and taking care of the planet gives you purpose and an important role in our world.

This Black Friday, turn it green with About Time We Met and i=change. Be a friend, buy better and feel good.

Join our friendship group and support three charities that need our help: Good360, which takes care of individuals and families in need; Greening Australia, which is restoring our land through replanting natural habitat; and Beyond Blue, which throws a lifeline to Australians who need support every day.

Making change doesn't mean taking on everything at once -  this Black Friday, start small with three simple steps: 

Step 1

This Black Friday and Cyber Monday, buy better - purchase your favourite About Time We Met sandalwood-driven skincare here 

Step 2

After you purchase, a pop-up will appear with a list of three charities that care for our planet and people in need.

Step 3

Select the cause closest to your heart, and About Time We Met and i=change will donate $1 on your behalf.

And there you have it – you just made a change.